Your job is to create the NCAA college basketball playing sc

Your job is to create the NCAA college basketball playing schedule for the first game in theplay­offs for the current year. Each team has a definition with the team predicate, which containsa name, wins, losses, and zone. The teams are as follows:team(connecticut, 22, 2, east).team(duke, 24, 1, east).team(memphis, 23, 2, south).team(villanova, 20, 2, east).team(gonzaga, 21, 3, west).team(texas, 22, 3, south).team(georgeWashington, 20, 1, east).team(tennessee, 18, 3, south).team(pittsburgh, 19, 3, midwest).team(florida, 21, 3, east).team(westVirginia, 18, 6, east).team(ohioState, 18, 3, midwest).team(bostoncollege, 20, 5, east).team(illinois, 20, 4, midwest).team(uCLA, 20, 5, west).team(michiganState, 18, 7, midwest).team(georgetown, 17, 5, east).team(iowa, 20, 6, midwest).team(oklahoma, 16, 5, midwest).team(washington, 18, 5, west).team(northCarolinaState, 19, 5, east).team(kansas, 18, 6, midwest).team(northCarolina, 15, 6, east).team(bucknell, 20, 3, east).The country is broken up into 4 zones: west, mid­west, south, and east.All teams must be scheduled to play with another team according to the following rules (rankedfrom most to least significant):1) Teams play within zones, if there is no in­zone fit available, they may be assigned to a team ina zone next to them. The acceptable zone pairs are given: west­midwest, midwest­east,midwest­south, east­south.2) The team with the highest number of wins, plays the team with the least number of wins.Losses do not count towards pairing.3) The highest ranked team will be the host team (NOTE: the team number represents a team’srank; a lower number indicates a higher rank).You are required to create the following predicate:Your predicate should be named, playoffs/1, where the result is returned as a list of pairs, wherea pair is a list of two items. Each pair contains the names of the teams paired to play in the initialplay­off game and the first member of each pair is the hosting team.?­playoffs(X).X = [[gonzaga, washington], [oklahoma, iowa], …] %Sample (but not necessarily correct)solution… You need to complete the rest.

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