Your Future PlansResources&nbspYour Future Plans Scoring Guide.

Your Future PlansResources Your Future Plans Scoring Guide. Principles and Foundations of Health Promotion and Education, Chapter 1, ‘A Background for the Profession,’ pages 1–5, 7–9, 17–29. Health Behavior and Health Education: Theory, Research, and Practice, Chapter 1, ‘The Scope of Health Behavior and Health Education,’ pages 3–9, 12–18.Pick one functional area of interest to you from the three assignments in which you explored health care settings (in Unit 4, Unit 5, and Unit 8). Health and Wellness Health Coach one or two pages, describe the career path you hope to pursue. Describe the role you see yourself fulfilling upon graduation, in two years, in five years, and in ten years. What career changes would you like to make? Visualize your next steps in achieving your professional goals. Use this assignment as an opportunity to plan your professional future in health care management.Address the following questions in regard to the roles you project for yourself at each of the intervals (upon graduation, in two years, in five years, and in ten years):How will you get to this position? What support will you need? What organizations will you join?Who will you supervise in this role? How will you motivate your employees? Provide examples of motivational strategies based on your studies.What types of changes would you hope to implement in this role? What types of outcomes will you look for?What is the future of the role? Refer to projections based on scholarly resources.Note: It is not necessary to generate answers for four separate roles if you do not intend to change roles at all four intervals.Respond to the following questions about your overall career path:What do you see as your biggest professional barrier?What do you see as your biggest personal barrier?What trends in the changing health care field will affect your profession?Cite your resources in APA format. You may want to review the readings included in the Resources.Be sure to complete the entire assignment. As with all of your assignments, examine the scoring guide (linked in the Resources) for guidance on earning optimal credit for your work.

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