Your family is planning a road trip stretching from coast to

Your family is planning a road trip stretching from coast to coast for this summer. The route and the time frame are nearly set; now you need to plan out the finances. Your parents have decided that rental of an RV will be cheaper than staying in hotels, but they would like an estimate on the total cost. Can you help them?a. To rent an RV, the following costs apply: $125 per day, plus 32 cents per mile. Additionally, to drop off the RV on the other side of the country, there is an extra fee of $2,500. Write an equation to describe the total cost of RV rental.b. Your parents have two options for their road trip plans. The first option stretches over 3500 miles and includes fewer stops but more beautiful scenery. It will take about a week and a half (11 days). The second option stretches over just 3000 miles, but it includes more overnight stops and will therefore take two weeks (14 days). Which of these two options is cheaper?c. Your little sister really wants to take the two-week trip, but your parents really want to keep the RV rental cost under $5,000. You can compromise by either taking a more direct route (lessening the miles) or by stopping for less overnight stays (lessening the days of the rental). What would the domains be for these two compromises? Justify why you think your domains are correct.d. Write and solve equations to find how many miles or how many days you would have to eliminate in order to stay under the $5,000 budget. Explain each step as you solve your equations. Finally, make a recommendation to your parents about which compromise you think is best.

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