You must argue for the positionTopic The replies are basse

You must argue for the position:Topic: The replies are bassed on  the how of an organization (mission) is more important than the what (vision) My discucssion was based on what of an organization (vision) is more important than the how (mission). Just keep it straight to the point!1st ReplyThe “how” is moreimportant than the “what” when it comes to organizational goals. The missionstatement of an organization explains how a company will operate to reach agoal, and without it, the vision, or “what” the company wants to accomplish, isirrelevant. As Fuller and Green (2005) point out, a company’s vision does notbecome a reality by just wanting it to be so: Leaders must come up with a planas to how to accomplish the vision, commit to the plan, and set those plans inmotion. The acts of those leaders outline how the company will achieve theirgoals, therefore without the “how,” the vision would just be a lofty,unattainable fantasy.Fuller, J.N & Green, J.C. (2005). The leader’srole in strategy.GraziadioBusiness Review 6(2). Retrieved from Reply The mission of anorganization is as important if not more important that the vision of thatorganization. Although the vision statement shows where an organization wantsto end up, the mission statement can be the deciding factor in whether or notother companies choose to align themselves with an organization. The missionstatement can include values held by the organization and its employees andspeaks volumes on the values of the executives of that organization. Themission statement states who you are as an organization, who you serve and whatyou do that makes you unique in the market. An investor is more likely to makea sound decision on whether to invest or not based off the mission statement,not the vision statement. Anybody can have a vision but having a mission toreach that vision is more important.

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