Write a paragraph for each question!

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Write a paragraph for each question (Minimum sentences in a paragraph is 7). NO PLAGIARISM.

I need this in like 4 hours not 12.


  • What strategic plans could the college or university at which you are taking this management course adopt to compete for students in the marketplace?Would these plans depend on the school’s goals?
  • From the information provided in the chapter example, identify how Western Digital Thailand used both the prevention and the preparation stages of crisis planning.
  • One of the benefits of a strategy map is that goals and how they are linked can be clearly communicated to everyone in the organization.Does a minimum-wage maintenance worker in a hospital really need to understand any goals beyond keeping the place clean?Discuss.
  • The MBO technique has been criticized for putting too much emphasis on achieving goals (ends) and not enough on the methods that people use to achieve them (means). Do you think this is a flaw in the technique, or in the way managers apply it? How would you place a balanced emphasis on ends and means?
  • A new business venture must develop a comprehensive business plan to borrow money to get started.Companies such as FedEx and Nike say they did not follow the original plan closely.Does that mean that developing the plan was a waste of time for these eventually successful companies?


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