Write a minimum 300 word paper addressingWhat are the issue

Write a minimum 300 word paper addressing:What are the issues raised in this case?How important do you believe these issues are?What course of action would you have taken? Please explain.Paper must follow the APA standards regarding formatting, citation, and references.Case Study:Tom Peterson is an industrial salesrepresentative for J&R Company, a large company in the pipe, valve, and fittingindustry. J&R Company serves customers with facilities in which gases orliquids are moved from one place to another in the manufacturing process. Tomreturned to his office from visiting a large potential customer in the paperand pulp industry. During his drive, Tom decided to call his weekly golfpartner Sam McNeil, a reporter for the trade publication for Tom’s industry.Tom planned to ask Sam to run a story about his company’s new product and thetwo largest companies that Tom believed would soon sign a contract with J&Rto purchase the product. J&R Company had developed a new valve system thatthey believed would reduce spills and leaks in customers’ manufacturingfacilities. However, the product was slow to take off in the market. WhileJ&R’s system was shown to reduce leaks by 0.4 percent (0.5 percent with theadditional purchase of an extended service contract), Tom believed those reportssignificantly underestimated the value of the system. Valve leak detectionsystems had become extremely popular in manufacturing facilities in recentyears. Tom sensed that the product wasslow-moving on the market because companies felt that the leak detectionsystems were more cost-effective than purchasing a completely new valve systemand stopping production while the new system was installed. Earlier in the day,Tom had visited one of his company’s largest prospective customers—Biddle Inc.,a major pulp and paper company. Tom told Biddle Inc. that one of its closestcompetitors would soon begin using J&R’s new valve system. While BiddleInc.’s competitor had not yet signed a contract or committed to J&R, Tomfelt that they soon would come round and agree to purchase the system as wellas the extended service contract. Tom offered Biddle Inc. a low price on theinitial system. He knew the initial system would be obsolete in the next yearas the company refined the system and significantly decreased its spill/leakagerate. But Tom felt that if Biddle Inc. agreed to buy the initial system, theywould see how well the product performed and naturally upgrade to the refinedsystem once it was placed on the market. Tom explained to Biddle Inc. that thenew system substantially reduced the risk of leaks and spills, which slow downproduction and are costly. Tom built his sales presentation around the costs ofleaks or spills across all industries in which liquids and gas are somehowprocessed. He mentioned several times in his sales presentation that ascompared to purchasing the new valve system only, purchasing the extendedservice contract would offer Biddle Inc. a 20 percent reduction in the spillrate. Tom hoped that if Sam, his golfing partner, would help him with mediacoverage for J&R’s new valve system, the product might start to pick upsome momentum on the market. He planned to use coverage of the story as anadditional lever to close the deals with Biddle Inc. and its competitor. Whileneither potential customer had committed, and both frankly told Tom they hadserious reservations about the new product, Tom thought a product reviewpublished in a respected trade publication would offer the product thecredibility it needed to jump-start sales. In any case, Sam owed Tom a favor.If the valve system did not do well in the market during the next quarter,J&R had made clear that the company would be forced to downsize its salesforce. The company had an extended line of products and services, and while seniormanagement hoped the new valve system would become a flagship product for thecompany, they would not sacrifice the reputation of their other products inattempts to force a lackluster product to market. Tom has worked for J&Rfor ten years. Nevertheless, he felt his job was vulnerable. He had shifted hissales emphasis entirely to the new valve system, giving up territory andsmaller customers who purchased other products and services from the company.In Tom’s city, industrial sales positions were limited. With two children—onein high school, the other in middle school—and a wife with a secure position ata large law firm in the area, Tom did not welcome the prospects of job change.He had to find a way to make the new valve system a marketplace success.

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