Write a 2 page paper on the following what are values, instr

Write a 2 page paper on the following what are values, instrumental values, and terminal values. What is Zemk’s approach, include the veterans,the baby boomers,the gen xers, and the millennials. Also where do leaders and followers get their values from and how do they differ from one other, what specific value traits will a leader have and a follower have. Write a 3 page paper on an actual real life leadership case topic should be values related to your personal experiences. This should be made up not taken from the internet that demonstrates values of a leader and followers how were they misuses or used correctly where did they obtain those values. Where on Zemke’s approach do these values fit. What did the leader and follower do wrong what did they do right? Write 3-5 pages of teaching notes about the case you just made up, include 3 questions that you would ask if you had to teach this case to the class also answer those three question. All this should be in APA format.

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