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would anyone&nbsp be able to take 2 testsand a final for me thi

    would anyone  be able to take 2 testsand a final for me thissemester. managerialaccounting. . 2 tests are 1hr15min long and are timed. finalis 2hrs long. u can finish thetests and final in less timeif u can, but u are alloted thatmuch time to complete it.first test is on the 25th.  each test can be taken online on certain days. u would have to block out 1hr 15min out of ur day to take the tests, and 2 hrs to take the final in december. please get back to me as soon asu can. id like to find someonefor this soon as my first testis in a few weeks. i have alot on my plate and this would help alot .first test is on the following 3 chaptersChapter 1.pdfChapter 2.pdfGarrison Chapter 15.pdfonly bid if you can really do this for me

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