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WK 6

    PART 1- 

    What are some common features of addiction? With an understanding of these common features, what can caseworkers, probation officers, addiction counselors, mental health workers and /or clinicians do to help their clients avoid relapse after a sustained period of sobriety?  

    PART 2


    Discuss one of the commonly abused drugs discussed in your text readings for this week. What new information did you learn that particularly stood out to you on this specific drug? In your response, take a stand on the pros and cons of:

    § Current drug intervention programs

    § Legalization of drugs

    PART 3


    Name Three things you have learned about physiological psychology that you never knew before and/or that made an impact on you. Also, name two things you learned from someone else in this course. Thirdly, after taking this class, why do you think it is important for students to know something about physiological psychology? Finally, what is one question you have that remains unanswered?


      Discuss the regions of the brain affected by this drug. How does this drug alter brain chemistry? How do high versus low doses of this drug compare in altering behavior, mood, and cognition?

      Psychopharmacology and Drug Abuse Readings: Geppert, C., & Bogenschutz, M. P. (2009, March). Pharmacological research on addictions: A framework for ethical and policy considerations. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 41(1), 49-60. Howland, R. H. (2010, September). Potential adverse effects of discontinuing psychotropic drugs: Part 4: Benzodiazepine, glutamate, opioid, and stimulant drugs. Journal of Psychosocial Nursing & Mental Health Services, 48(9), 11-14. Wand, G. (2008). The influence of stress on the transition from drug use to addiction. Alcohol Research & Health, 31(2), 119-136.

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