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Why Is It Called the Fertile Crescent?&nbspWritingUsing what yo

    Why Is It Called the Fertile Crescent? WritingUsing what you’ve learned in this lesson and the Geography theme, Region, write a paragraph that answers the following question:Why is it called the Fertile Crescent?Reminder:The Geography Theme, Region: Regions allow geographers to make comparisons. It is a way to divide the earth up into smaller pieces in order to study it. There are human, physical, and cultural regions. Places with similar climates may fall into one region. Sometimes proximity to a physical feature defines a region, such as the Rocky Mountain region of the United States.Yes, we’ve said that the land was fertile, and the land was shaped like a crescent moon; but consider the following points when creating your journal entry:Why is the land fertile? Think about location (another theme of geography) when answering this question.What does fertile mean?Why would Sumerians settle on fertile land?The Fertile Crescent is a region. Why does it fit into that category?Is it a physical or human region?

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