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Which type of reactions form salts?   (Points : 3)  highly acidic reactions  highly basic reactions  neutralization reactionsQuestion 11.11.What do hydrogen ions (H+) and hydroxide ions (OH-) come together to form?(Points : 3)  a titrant  water  an acid  a baseQuestion 12.12. What does a pH of 7 indicate about a substance? (Points : 3)  It is basic.  It is neutral.  It is reactive.  It is acidic. Question 13.13. Which of the following is a strong acid? (Points : 3)  NaCl   NaOH    OH-  HCl Question 14.14. Which statement best describes an antacid?   (Points : 3)  An antacid increases the amount of hydrogen ions.  An antacid neutralizes excess hydrogen ions.  An antacid decreases the level of hydrogen ions.Question 15.15. Which of the following could be used to buffer vinegar? (Points : 3)  sugar   baking soda  salt   flour Question 16.16. Which of the following is strong base?   (Points : 3)  NaOH  HF  NaCl  HClQuestion 17.17. In water, what happens to a base?   (Points : 3)  It forms hydrogen ions (H+).  It forms hydroxide ions (OH-).  It evaporates.  It condensates.Question 18.18. Which type of reaction happens when a base is mixed with an acid? (Points : 3)  metal-base reaction  neutralization reaction  spontaneous reaction  combustion reaction

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