Which narration reveals a character with a friendly personal

Which narration reveals a character with a friendly personality?Miss Lydia poured her guest a cup of iced tea and asked her whether there was anything she could do to help.Conrad the clown tried and tried, but he just could not manage to keep all three balls in the air at once. I asked my father whether he had seen a weather forecast for the weekend.After winning the race, Kelly demanded a towel and a bottle of water.Which sentence provides the best clue to Kim’s perspective on her father’s death in Seedfolks?The candles and the incense sticks, lit the day before to mark his death anniversary, had burned out.After the evening feast, past midnight, I’d been wakened by my mother’s crying.I had no such memories to cry over.All his life in Vietnam my father had been a farmer.Read the excerpt from Gonzalo’s narration in Seedfolks.One afternoon I was watching TV, getting smart on The Brady Bunch. Suddenly I looked up. He was gone. I checked the halls on all five floors of the apartment house. I ran to the street. He wasn’t in the bodega or the pawnshop. I called his name, imagining my mother’s face when she found out he’d fallen through a manhole or been run over. I turned the corner, looking for the white straw hat he always wore. Two blocks down I spotted it. I flew down the sidewalk and found him standing in front of a vacant lot, making gestures to a man with a shovel.How would this part of the story be different if it were told from Tío Juan’s perspective?It would use an irritated voice and have a resentful tone.It would use a confident voice and describe Gonzalo’s actions as interfering.It would use a determined voice and have an excited tone.It would use a relaxed voice and describe Gonzalo’s actions as helpful.Read the excerpt from Wendell’s narration in Seedfolks.I scraped up a ring of dirt around the first plant, to hold the water and any rain that fell. I picked up the pitcher and poured water slowly. Then I heard something move and spun around. The girl was there, stone-still, ten feet away, holding her own water jar.She hadn’t seen me behind the refrigerator. She looked afraid for her life. Maybe she thought I’d jump up and grab her. I gave her a smile and showed her that I was just giving her plants some water. This made her eyes go even bigger. I stood up slowly and backed away. I smiled again. She watched me leave. We never spoke one word.How would this part of the story be different if it were told from Kim’s perspective?It would use an irritated voice and reveal Kim’s protective tone.It would use a relaxed voice and define Kim’s actions as approving.It would use an appreciative voice and describe Wendell with a friendly tone.It would use an anxious voice and express Wendell’s actions as interfering.Read the excerpt from Gonzalo’s narration in Seedfolks.One morning he wandered outside and down the street. My mother practically fainted.Why does the author most likely have Gonzalo share his mother’s perspective?to reveal that the family is hiding a secret to show how much Gonzalo is like his motherto stress the danger of Tío Juan’s being off on his ownto show that Gonzalo is surprised by his mother’s actionsWhich narration from Seedfolks reveals a confident character?They don’t teach you that equation in school. Big Brain, Mr. Smoltz, my eighth-grade math teacher, hasn’t even heard of it.Two years after my father and I moved here from Guatemala I could speak English… Don’t believe what people say — cartoons make you smart.Outside of there he lowered his eyes and tried to get by on mumbles and smiles. He didn’t want strangers to hear his mistakes.I wished we were farther from the street and I was praying that none of my friends or girlfriends or enemies saw me.A narrator with an outgoing personality would most likely describe a school dance as a delight.a nightmare.a safety concern.an awkward situation.If only one narrator were used to tell the story of the community garden in Seedfolks,the characters in the story would not meet each other.fewer personal experiences would be shared.a detailed description of the garden plants would be given.the lot where the garden is would not be described as vacant.Read the sentences from a story.Everyone at the awards banquet was thinking the same thing. The award for Most Valuable Player couldn’t possibly go to anyone but Jesse Holcomb. He was most deserving.Which type of narration is used to express perspective?first-person limitedthird-person objectivefirst-person objectivethird-person omniscientWhy did the author of Seedfolks most likely make Kim’s character think about her father when she is in the vacant lot?to add drama to the storyto reveal Kim’s timid personalityto show that Kim’s perspective is changingto explain her motivation for planting the seeds

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