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What rhetorical features does Larsendeploy to dispel rac

    · What rhetorical features does Larsendeploy to dispel racial and gendered stereotypes of black women?  In waysdoes she debunk and revise prevailing myths about African American women?· What are the rhetorical function ofantebellum spirituals, work songs, jazz, and other black vernacular formswithin Cane?  Focus on one or two vernacular elements to form yourresponse.· Analyze Toomer’s use of environment,nature, and black vernacular cultures in Cane.  To what extent doeshe suggest that these three are not disparate or exclusive categories?The book in which these readings come from is The Norton Anthology of African AmericanLiterature 3rd Edition.  Nella Larsen:Passing Continued…(pp. 1104-1141),Jean Toomer (pp.1141-1143),Cane (pp.1143-1218 ****INEED THIS ASSIGNMENT BY 8PM CENTRAL STANDARD TIME TONIGHT****

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