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Week 3 Diagnostic Quiz.docxGuide_to_Week_3_Lesson_1 _Reading

    Week 3 Diagnostic Quiz.docxGuide_to_Week_3_Lesson_1 _Reading_Assignment.pdfTackling the Organizational Change Issues in IT Projects,.pdfArchitecting Agility How IT Creates Opportunities for Profitable Growth.pdfManaging the IT-enabled Innovation Portfolio.pdfQuestion 1 In their article on enterprise agility and innovation,Jeanne Ross, et al., offer a people, process, and information model forcreating a culture of innovation within an organization. What is thecentral role played by IM in creating and maintaining an agile/innovativeenterprise? And how applicable is this general model to your ownorganization?Student Response:Role of IM in Innovation:How Does This Factor Relate to Your Firm?e.g. IM makes business processes scalable throughstandardization, automation, and information.e.g. While this may be true in general, the use of IMsystems in our company has not led to process standardization.add more as neededQuestion 2 George Westerman advocates for a portfolio managementapproach to enterprise innovation. Give the four different approaches toportfolio development identified by the author, how do these apply to the useof IM/IT and innovation at PepsiAmericas (Week 2/Lesson 2)? Explain youranswer.Student Response:(note: include as many examples as you like for each category)Westerman Category:PepsiAmericas Example:Explanationtraditional improvementsdirect experimentatione.g. providing PepsiAmericas executives with iPads andsmart phonese.g. exposure to the new technology allowed executivesto experience the new IT tool and explore how it might best impactPepsiAmericas operations and customer servicing.edge enhancementslocal experimentationQuestion 3 Many times business innovation and corporatetransformation go hand in hand. In the Woerner/Ross model, theauthors argue that for IT projects to achieve their full potential,management must consider all three dimensions of organizational change:formal design, politics and culture. In what ways might the effectiveuse of IM and IT influence successful organizational change as presented inthe authors’ model?Student Response:· IM/ITand formal design:o e.g.changes/influences the way work gets done and how information is exchangedand shared across the businesso · IM/ITand politics:o e.g.redistributes power based on access to information and knowledgeo · IM/ITand culture:o

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