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We need to have a game plan for when we go in and sit down w

    We need to have a game plan for when we go in and sit down with Washburn management. We need to go in to the meeting and be seen as a potential partner.  Yet, all six of you raised cogent points.Yet, there is something that we also need to know… and this meeting is a good time to learn Washburn’s thinking.  Allow me to offer an analogy.Class, if an acquaintance at work approached you individually and asked you if you could put them up for a few weeks at your house, I would imagine your first reaction would be one of ‘why?’ and ‘what happened?’Remember that Washburn approached Outofsight Speaker about representing us in Kentucky. There is a reason. Wouldn’t you want to know why you are being ‘courted’?  Yes, we’d be smart to find out what that reason is. They are courting us.  There IS a reason.Thus, as part of our meeting strategy, we want to understand their thinking in contacting us.Yes, the possibility of a business marriage is in the wings. Washburn is knocking on our door…From the Outofsight Speaker perspective, there are lots of things that we want to know… at the same time, unless we come across as someone who is willing to explore a PARTNERSHIP w i t h them, we will come across as selfish and self-serving… even though we certainly DO want to know ‘what cany ou do for Outofsight?’  Thus, the 101 questions that you might wish to pose…Given that, my strategy would be one of how to establish that initial ‘warm and fuzzy’ that communicates that we seek to know how we might work with them to establish an ongoing relationship that is mutually beneficial… and ‘what are some of the things that you, Washburn, feel would be important were we to work together?’ I also want to understand their wanting to represent us in Kentucky. We’ll discuss that last sentence in my posting below.This will be our ‘First Date’ with Washburn. If we’re potentially going to marry them, we need to have a plan in place that is more than, ‘grab the bouquet and I’ll meet you at the altar!’ Heck, we hardly know the company.Thoughts?Okay, let’s NOW look at the questions we might ask the senior management team of Washburn. Please provide ONE (1) question ONLY and I will respond to each of you. All class members are asked to participate in this case study at least two different days to meet the TDA requirements for Week FIVE.  This can include asking a question AND responding to another classmate’s/instructor’s posting… but I seek just one question from each of you.I will begin by responding to postings that are offered through Friday evening… and that represent STRATEGIC thinking. That word ‘strategic’ is critical!  Please read others’ postings FIRST to ensure that you don’t reinvent the wheel of another classmate’s question. Okay, let the questions begin — remember, STRATEGIC (‘big picture’ thinking)!  Thanks!

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