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we are doing a group project, these are the instructions. th

    we are doing a group project, these are the instructions. the bald writing is our topic and i am in charge of Western Europe Assignment overview: Your group is to identify acommunication-related problem or issue in a business organization. Then, as agroup, you are to design a solution to the problem, using course materials,terms and discussion, independent research and your own experiences to guideyou. This assignment involves both an oral presentation (15 minutes and nomore) of the problem along with the chosen solution and a written report (4-6pages). In both components your group will be expected to perform thefollowing:Identify the organization OR industry.Describe the problem (who, what, when, how and why).Describe and justify the solution selected based onsufficient research.Present a timetable for implementing the solution.Present a budget for implementing the solution.Present a method for evaluating the “success” of thesolution.Group Expectations: There will be one grade assigned to allmembers for the written component and oral component. Your group is responsiblefor resolving conflicts that may arise as you work together. It is expectedthat your group will integrate materials covered in class and in readings intothe final presentation and report.Written Assignment (45 points):Report (4-6 Pages): A detailed account that explains thesolution you have selected, analyzes and discusses why the solution issignificant and why the group chose that particular solution. You should beable to build a case for recommendations in your report by giving ample examplesof reader benefits. Examples of how the solution will positively impact theorganization should be presented. If you have determined policy or proceduralchanges are required, you must build your report to supportrecommendations/suggestions. Letter (1 Page): A formal document written to the CEO of thecompany. It encapsulates report’s key finding (s) and thanks him/her forallowing you to consult their company issue. The letter will serve as the coverpage of the report and will include all group member’s names and signatures.Reference Page (1 Page): Please cite all sources in the body ofreport in APA format and include a reference page for any sources used.================================================================this is our topic that we choseWehave chosen to take a two-month consulting job at Coca-Cola. As aninternational company, the Coca-Cola brand is involved in many different areasof the beverage industry and they do business in over 200 countries worldwide.In doing this, they have to operate in many different environments and have tocommunicate business ideas across 6 different continents. Theregions that we will be observing communication problems in are Latin America,Asia, Africa, and Western Europe. Each team member will be in charge of acertain region, listed above, and will research the importance of multiculturalcommunication in a specific region, and provide solutions accordingly. We willfocus on how introducing a new product or developing a new slogan in adifferent culture could create a misconception regarding the company. Whenoperating and expanding business in different region of the world, the company mustconsider the local culture, regional preferences and the translation that cancause ambiguous expression in various languages.Wewill be researching these specific areas and presenting on the ways in which wecan solve these problems within Coca-Cola and its affiliated brands.

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