. Visit this link&nbsphttps//console.pearson.com/enrollment/f

. Visit this link: https://console.pearson.com/enrollment/fnptrk2. Sign in with your Pearson Account. You can either: sign in with an existing Pearson username and password OR create a new Pearson account if this is your first Pearson digital product.3. Choose your course under ‘My Courses’ and choose an access option: redeem an access code that you got from your school’s bookstore or purchase access online. There is a free trial if you are waiting for financial aid.What you should know:- Bookmark https://console.pearson.com to easily access your materials.- Pearson recommends using the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari with this digital product.***Use the following access code so you can receive the REVEL chapters for free:HSSREV-SNELL-BORIC-LOUGH-INGOT-ADOWA

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