Vam-cyber security-week6

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Lab Project 16.2

Find at least ten pieces of spam mail from any account, whether it be home, work, school, or

something else. Using the e-mail headers, and any web site that might provide information,

attempt to trace the spam mail back to its original source.

You will need the following materials:

1. Collect the e-mails and view the e-mail header information in your e-mail program.

2. Find the “Received:” field in the headers and write down as many DNS names or IP

addresses as you can. Also look for common details in the header elements of the different

messages, such as the same e-mail servers and spammers.

3. Using the Internet, research the physical locations of the IP addresses.

4. Report the different locations from which your spam e-mail originated. What did you learn

about tracing e-mail and spam?


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