Using SafeAssign to Support Ethical Writing to Support Ethical Writing

  Locate the SafeAssign report you generated for your discussion in Unit 1, Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going?

After you carefully review the results of the SafeAssign report for your Unit 1 discussion post, answer the following questions: Were you surprised by the results of the SafeAssign report (whether positive or negative)? Explain your answer. What did the SafeAssign report show you about your use of citations to reflect the work of others you may have integrated to support your analysis of historical trends in clinical mental health counseling? Based on the SafeAssign report and your discussion with your peers, what would you change about your post to the Unit 1 discussion if you had an opportunity to do it over? 

Be as descriptive as you are comfortable being in this open forum. Note: You are not required to share your score with others. A link to the SafeAssign page on Campus is provided in the Resources.

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