Type&nbspIndividual ProjectDue Date&nbspSun, 4/26/15Deliverable

Type: Individual ProjectDue Date: Sun, 4/26/15Deliverable Length: Microsoft Word Document (2–3 pages) Times New Roman 12 ptMUST be done in WINDOWS POWERSHELL!!AssignmentObjectivesUseand utilize scripts to administer and maintain the system files and environmentAssignmentDescription MUST be donein WINDOWS POWERSHELL!Asa member of the software development team at your company, you have been askedto provide a plan for how your new GPS goods and services locator softwareapplication can provide automatic updates of the required data to your customers.Your task is to develop a plan, and submit it to your development team forimplementation.Preparea document to submit your work: UseWord.Titlepage Coursenumber and nameProjectnameStudentnameDateProvidea plan for the software updates: Identifythe major steps involved in the data file update process, and identifywhich of the steps can be performed using scripting.Selectan appropriate scripting language for the tasks that can be performedusing scripting, and justify your selection.Providewell-documented script code in the selected language for at least 2 ofthe functions that would be used within the major scripting tasks. Forexample, the scripted solution may be required to receive a query from aremote computer with a date of the remote computer’s data file, and thescript must receive this request and determine if the remote computer’sdata file is current. Namethe document yourname_ IP5.doc.

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