two to three pages. reading attached, apa format, masters level


Review the Learning Resources for this week, especially in the topic you selected. Choose an issue such as one of the following that is related to the topic you selected.  You may focus on an issue that is related to minors in the legal system. Conduct a scholarly literature search of your issue to find a minimum of three references in addition to the Learning Resource you have selected in order to prepare a 2- to 3-page summary and analysis. You may include the reading that you selected under this week’s Learning Resources.

Submit by Day 7:

· A summary of current research of the selected issue based on your literature review

· An analysis of how the involvement of minors makes the issue potentially more problematic

· An explanation of the supporting role of the forensic psychology professional in relation to the issue you selected. Hawkins, S. R., Lattimore, P.      K., Dawes, D., & Visher, C. A. (2009). Reentry experiences of confined      juvenile offenders: Characteristics, service receipt, and outcomes of      juvenile male participants in the SVORI multi-site evaluation. U.S.      Department of Justice. Retrieved from

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