TWO Peer Feedback And Advice Needed&nbspONE PAGE EACH (OR LESS)

TWO Peer Feedback And Advice Needed ONE PAGE EACH (OR LESS) WITH ONE CITATION EACHPLEASE PROPERLY REFERENCE (APA FORMAT) THE WEBPAGE LISTED BELOW Assess  the attached 2 separate documents.  Review the project description and their inventory. Rate it yourself, using the Wilder tool, and provide feedback and advice. Please provide one set of feedback and advice for each one of the two documents attached. Thus you will prepare two separate documents. I may need to be prepared to review the discussion topic more than once and to reply to questions from your my peers. I need to approach the discussion as a dialogue and not a one-time response. Thus I need to be able to follow your comments clearly and concisely.  Prepare a brief – one page document for each.  Use the link below (the wilder tool) to review and cite from for the feedback.    Attachments: melvin_-assessing_your_strategy_in_a_collaborative_project.docx lenore_-assessing_your_strategy_in_a_collaborative_project.docx

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