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"Traumatic Stress in Female Veterans".

    The topic for the research must be approved in advance by the instructor. Each chapter in the text has accompanying research exercises. With prior approval by the instructor, you may choose to respond to one of these research exercises with your paper. You may also choose to identify your own topic. Either way, it is imperative to communicate with the instructor about your research paper.  Please make sure you choose your topic early. Use your text and at least two outside sources to document your paper.   Please compose your paper using Microsoft Word. The paper must be 1,000 words or more. (This is about four double-spaced pages.)   All paper need to be typed, double-spaced with margins of 1 inch on each side. For the font, please use Times New Roman 12 point. Here is a website with information on the APA documentation style:  The American Psychological Association writing format should be used. Reference librarians at each campus, in person or via phone or Internet, can assist you with this.  Please post using your name and your topic area. Your document must be submitted to the Research Paper Dropbox for grading.    This same document must be submitted to the Research Paper Discussion Forum. This allows students to complete the course discussions requirement. More information can be found under the Course Content link.

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