Topic in fulli dont need an essay, all i need is a letter.

Topic in full:i don’t need an essay, all i need is a letter. i have two essays and i need the writer read them and read some paper i’m going to upload it to help him to write what i really need. read this addtional detail and my two essays and the example.write exactly same the example that i upload and read everything i send, please. all i need is two paper and single spaced you have to answer at least 3 question of the 11 that i send. question number 11 is requirments to answer. and choose 3 more question to answer. The Portfolio Analysis Letter RequirementsThe portfolio analysis, in the form of a letter to me, is a two page single-spaced, typed analysis of your work as represented by the work produced in this class. This analysis will generally answer the question: What is the status of my writing after this semester? The letter should use specific references, including quotations if needed, to your rough and final drafts, peers’ comments, instructor’s comments, reflections, notes, textbooks, etc. to support your claims about your progress as an academic writer. (If you are in doubt about length, please be persuasive. As I have emphasized both process and product this semester, I would expect that your self-review address both aspects of your writing.Expectations: [Criteria]:? Identity your strengths and weaknesses as an English reader/writer.? Explain what you have learned in this class.? Describe how class elements have affected your writing.? Describe your progress/work to this point.? Identify areas of improvement and set goals for the remainder of your college career.? Give specific examples and provide examples.? Fully develop explanations. (Prompt questions for invention writing are provided on the next page.) Invention and Planning Activities for Portfolio AnalysisRead over the following questions to provide you with a focus for reviewing your writing portfolio. Examine your papers closely; then carefully and fully, answer the questions to help you write a two (2) page analysis of your portfolio (single spaced). Your analysis will take the form of a letter to me. The organization of your analysis need not, and probably should not, follow the order of the questions below.1. Consider your accomplishments this term. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of your work in this course in terms of both your writing processes and your written texts.2. Discuss some of the steps you took to reach objectives you set for yourself in this course. Did your objectives change during the semester? If so, describe how. What new objectives will you set for yourself for future writing tasks?3. Is there a pattern of writing problems you have begun to solve? How did you solve these problems? Have you changed you problem-solving processes?4. Which essay(s) do you feel especially proud of? Explain why.5. Which essay did you learn the most from? Describe what you learned.6. Describe some invention strategies you’ve tried. Which seemed to be successful for you? Explain why.7. Describe revision strategies you found helpful. Explain why they were helpful.8. Review readers’ comments (from your peers and instructor). These comments may be either positive or constructive. Identify one comment that appears on two or more of your essays. A comment that shows up on two or more essays probably indicates strength or a weakness. Briefly describe how you plan to continue to build on this area if it is strength or how you plan to improve in this area if it is a weakness.9. Discuss how various homework/in-class works helped you in your writing.10. As you review your work, what surprises you about the writing you completed for this class? What surprises you about the processes you’ve used to do the writing?11. How have you dealt with the challenges of this class? How do you plan to deal with future challenges? Do you plan to do things the same as you have been doing? Is there something different you plan to do? What aspects of your reading/w

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