Topic: 5G Technology

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Research Topic: 5G Technology (Overall IT risks, Risk mitigations, and Impacts (economic and ethical) of the Technology across the World)

All sources should be cited. The paper should be 1.5 spaced and between 3-4 pages of well thought out content. 1″ margins.

Grading of the paper will use the following rubric:

Total Points Available: 100

  • Paper structure: 10 points
    • Paper formatting – following a research paper standard
    • Writing is clear and relevant
    • Grammar and spelling correct
    • References correctly sourced and documented

  • Introduction / Thesis: 20 points
    • Level of interest generated by the introduction
    • Thesis is clear, well developed, and a definitive statement

  • Conclusion: 20 points
    • Summary of thesis argument
    • Concluding ideas that impact the reader
    • Does not introduce new or unsupported information

  • Quality of Research: 25 points
    • Paper is well researched
    • At least 3 peer reviewed articles or scholarly references
    • Each reference logically selected and related to the thesis

  • Support of Thesis and Analysis: 25 points
    • Relevant and consistent connections made between references and thesis
    • Critical evaluation of the thesis
    • Excellent analysis


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