Time to put your knowledge of the evolving role of the media

Time to put your knowledge of the evolving role of the media in political messages to work! You’ve been asked by a popular news organization to create a web article for their official website that will help the public understand the role that media plays in politics. Your product will first explain your analysis of a media item and then describe how the role of media in politics has changed over time.StepsChoose a visual, text, or other media item that is political in nature. This List provides some examples of media items and guidance on where to locate them on the internet. Be sure to include the media item, or directions on how to access it, with your assessment.Analyze the political message delivered by your chosen media item. In two well-written paragraphs, explain the background of the image, text, or video and explain what bias the message reveals and how. The background paragraph should include who created the media item, when, for whom, and for what purpose.The analysis paragraph should explain the bias in the media item. What strategies does the media item use to persuade people? (examples are symbolism and emotional appeal)Write a third well-written paragraph that answers the following question, in your own words. How have the media changed over time, and how has this affected political communication?

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