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This research paper format should be in MLA&nbspSociological Ep

    This research paper format should be in MLA Sociological Episode: A sociological episode is a “micro” social event having a clearbeginning and ending. For example, a social episode might range from the exchange thattakes place between a customer and bartender or behavior that is part of a ride-along withpolice. Studying the episode allows students to develop research skills including thedeveloping of theoretical formulations, observational skills, collecting data, interpretingof data and writing up findings.Students will select from a predetermined list of existing research articles and then usethis as a foundation for their own qualitative research.Students will document their research findings as follows:I. Introduction: This section tells what the researcher does in the paper. It is anintroduction to the entire paper.II. Theory: This section is an introduction to the theory or theories used in the paper.III. Data Sources: This section of the paper describes the various ways the researchercollected data. No detail is unimportant.IV. Narrative: In this section the researchers describes what was observed. It shouldreflect the temporal dimension of the event in some way (When did thingshappen in the event?). 4V. Analysis: In this section, the researcher brings together theory, narrative and datainterpreting the social episode.VI. Bibliography: In this section, the researcher uses APA format for citations ofarticles used in the research process (not just in the paper).This writing will be shared in class and will be evaluated and feedback given to students.The student will then have an opportunity to revise and resubmit this work for possiblegrade improveme

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