This is the homework questionBy trial and error, discover w

This is the homework question:By trial and error, discover what the largest value of x can be in the following program so that it still compiles and runs without error:main(){  int array[x][x];  array[0][0] = 0;}Print this value of x at the start of your submission.  Then use malloc to create a 5000 by 5000 square array.  Fill this array with random numbers in the range [0, 6].  Iterate through the array again, counting the number of times each value appeared.Sample session (note: for the purpose of this sample, the value of x is incorrect.  You should discover this value on your own.)> ./a.outx = 12there are 3570129 0sthere are 3570751 1sthere are 3571904 2sthere are 3573195 3sthere are 3571223 4sthere are 3568653 5sthere are 3574145 6s[please answer in C language, Thanks!]

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