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This is my assignment Submit Files – Split the Bill App Hi

    This is my assignment : Submit Files – Split the Bill App Hide FolderInformation Folder  Split the Bill AppInstructions  ApplicationName: Split the Bill Please read the instructions carefully! This issimilar to the case project in the textbook but has additionalrequirements. Purpose: Given a restaurant bill, this app adds a tipbased on the quality of service and then splits the cost of the checkbased on the number of people. Input/Output Screen: The input/outputscreen requests the restaurant bill and the number of people in the group. The spinner control asks about the quality of service:Excellent, Average, or Poor. Calculate the amount of the tip is basedon the quality of service: 20% for excellent service, 15% for averageservice, 10% for poor service. Calculate the cost per person. Displaythe amount of the tip, the bill including the tip, and the cost perperson. Other Requirements The program should use the following:_string resourceshint _property

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