This assignment will be named Form1120.&nbspThe attached is bas

This assignment will be named Form1120. The attached is basically the same information you would receive from a client if you were a tax practitioner working in an accounting firm.Included in this folder are all of the blank forms you will need to complete the C corporation return.  PLEASE, when you turn them in they will need to be scanned and saved as ONE PDF in the order I am going to give you!  Do not submit them to me out of order.  If you need to reference the form instructions you can get them on  Note that these are 2013 forms so you will need 2013 instructions. The Form 4562 has already been completed for you, so please use those depreciation numbers in your tax return. The order they should be in when you turn them in is as follows:1. Form 1120 – 6 pages2. Schedule D3. Schedule G4. Form 1125-E5. Completed Form 45626. Form 89491120_Form 4562_Solution.pdf 1120_Tax Return_Assignment (2).docx

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