This assignment isall about you.Â&nbsp You can write or typeit.Â

This assignment isall about you.  You can write or typeit.  I want to know what really motivatesyou?  I would hope you would see that I wantyou to understand motivation and be able to apply it to real life.  You can use the information you learn here andapply it beyond these walls.  We definemotives as specific needs or wants thatboth arouse and then direct a person toward a specific goal.  Drive-reduction theory does a great jobexplaining what biologically motivates us for drives such as hunger, thirst andsex.  Yet, even these most basic ofmotives are heavily influenced by our cognitive processes, environmental cues,and social context.  Therefore, I wantyou to dig deep for this project.  You are to use the theories/motives below toexplain the motivations behind ameaningful behavior in your life. You should have onebehavior for each of the six.  Thisshould be conceived of as a journalingprompt rather than an essay assignment. Please note that “meaningful” is highlighted for a reason.  The assignment would be mere busywork if itonly served to explain: why you wore jeans instead of khakis yesterday, thatyou ate fruit loops instead of Fruity pebbles this morning, or that you want togo to Florida because you’re cold right now. Confidentiality is a given. Staple this to your paper.  It needs to be typed and printed out or Iwill not grade it.Rubrics:  10points on describing a meaningful behavior.Theories: (pleaseindicate what theory you are using in your paper) You need to apply it to yourbehavior not just tell me what the theory is. You will not get credit if you don’t do that.1.  DriveReduction Theory (5 pts.)2.  ArousalTheory (5 pts.)3.  IncentiveTheory (5 pts)4.  InstinctTheory (5 pts)5. Social Motivation (can use Achievement w/DavidMcClelleland) or Affiliation) (5 pts.)6.  Maslow’sHierarchy of Needs (5 pts.)

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