The goal of the application process is to assure that learne

The goal of the application process is to assure that learners will benefit from thiscourse of graduate study, and that learners will enrich the learning environment. Thepersonal essay invites you to tell us how your background has prepared you forgraduate study in health and human services administration. While guidelines areoffered, there isn’t a ‘best’ way to answer the questions offered. This is your opportunityto tell the faculty what important values you bring to graduate study.Personal essays are to be 1 to 2 pages in length. The essay should address thefollowing:How has your life experience prepared you for this course of graduate study?How has your work experience prepared you for this course of study?What do you believe will be your greatest contributions to the learningenvironment?What three goals would you bring to graduate study?Feel free to include personal information you wish to share.If your cumulative GPA from your undergraduate degree falls below a 2.75,please outline detailed reasoning and adjustments you will make for success in agraduate program.The document should contain:• Cover sheet with the following information:o Nameo Contact Informationo Candidate for the MA – Health and Human Serviceso Personal Essayo Dateo 1 to 2, typed, double-spaced pageso 12 font, New Times Roman preferred (Important note about my self. full name is ejovwokeoghene oyesanmi. Am a mother of two kids 4 and 5 yrs old. I have worked in the health care field as Personal Care Assistant for 12 years, worked part time as Staffing/ Human resources. graduated from National American University. study Health Care management. BS. Am a single mom, divorce and my kids are my inspiration.

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