The final assignment for this course is a writtenproposal. T

The final assignment for this course is a writtenproposal. The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate understanding of howschool and teacher leaders can have an impact on educational policy through thedevelopment of a policy proposal.Scenario: Your district, under thedirection of the local school board and superintendent, is in the process ofinitiating a major technology overhaul that will impact budget designations,curriculum, and teacher development. As part of this process the superintendenthas asked each school’s administrative team to develop a comprehensive proposalthat outlines their vision of the future and includes any policy or fundingissues that conflict with the success of their recommendation. As a member ofyour school’s leadership team and a respected teacher leader, your principalhas asked you to take on this challenge. The Final Paper will be the development of aproposal outline, your recommendation for a comprehensive 1:1 technologyadoption and curriculum initiative to include any needed teacher development.Your proposal should be based upon recognized scientific research and bestpractices that focus on existing challenges and long term goals. The FinalPaper should address the following:Outline anintroduction to the proposal, including areas that are addressed and yourrecommendation (this introduction is similar to an abstract portion of aformal paper).Describe thehistorical perspective of your district or school setting. Your descriptionshould include both text and supporting graphics that include, but are notlimited toNo Child LeftBehind (NCLB) identified demographics.Adequate YearlyProgress (AYP) status.Budgetbreakdowns, including funding sources (federal, state, and local) andexpenditures.Discuss yourformal recommendation for the 1:1 adoption developed in Week Two thatincludes, but is not limited toTool selection(Bring Your Own Device [BYOD] or purchase).Roll out timetable and estimated total cost per year.Identificationand estimation of supportive costs related to your tool selection(software, support, professional development, etc.) per year.Existing policyconflicts and new policy recommendations.Identificationand description of any model districts.Explain how yourrecommendation affects and will potentially impact curriculum development,text book adoption, and professional development.Summarize yourproposal.Your Final Paper should beeight to ten pages in length (not including the title and reference pages) witha minimum of eight scholarly sources in addition to your textbook. The papershould be written in APA format with appropriate reference citations andbibliography as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

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