The article “Comparing the Accuracy and Explainability of

The article “Comparing the Accuracy and Explainability of Dividend, Free Cash Flow, and Abnormal Earnings Equity Value Estimates”in the module resources will aid in your understanding of forecastingmodels to find the best way possible to determine cash flow, equityvalue, pricing, interest rate determination, and dividend allocation.This understanding will be necessary when completing Section VI of thefinal project. Once you have read the article, answer the questions found in the Module Six Forecasting Models Research Questions document, also located in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics folder.Find this article by yourself and answer questions in the question sheet. Follow the grading rubric.12 hours agojwhit416I have seen the reviews aboutplagiarism. Please let me know if you can help? I will review answersafterwards as well for accuracy. questions that follow and the article Comparing the Accuracy and Explainability of Dividend, Free Cash Flow, and Abnormal Earnings Equity Value Estimates willinform your completion of milestone III. An understanding of the modelsin this assignment will assist you in hypothesizing the incrementalimpact of a new investment project for the company. The understanding ofthese models will contribute to your ability to look toward the futurewhen considering the direction of an organization.PromptOnce you have read the article “Comparing the Accuracy andExplainability of Dividend, Free Cash Flow, and Abnormal Earnings EquityValue Estimates” and Chapters 6 and 7 of your text, review and completethe questions below. Use the article and your text to inform yourresponses to the questions below.Assignment Questions:1. For models 2, 2a, and 2b:·  What is the best way to minimize the weighted average cost of capital?·  What is the effect of the weighted average cost of capital on the market value?2. For models 3, 3a, and 3b:·  What is the relationship between book value of equity and time t-1 and the market value of the equity?3. Discuss model 4 and expand on the importance and the meaning of the market risk premium.4. In your own words, what are the main conclusions for this article, and what could be improved upon in its analysis?

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