TERM PAPERNow that we havecompleted our on-line conversation

TERM PAPERNow that we havecompleted our on-line conversations, I will provide some important points foryour final presentations and research term papers:Term Papers should have the following basic format andnot more than ten pages altogether:1- Abstract:a short, clear and concise summation of the entire paper. An abstract shouldprovide enough of a preview that a typical reader will know whether or not theywish to read the paper. It should reveal both the purpose and conclusions ofthe paper2- Introduction:it should start broad and narrow down to a specific research question. Theintroduction should reveal some broad knowledge of the overall topic andquickly focus on the major point of the paper3- Body:it should include the actual content of the project like background, research,information from a variety of significant sources related to the major point ofthe paper that contribute to a well-supported argument, critique or discussionof the topic4- Conclusion:The conclusion should reinforce the major claims or interpretation in a waythat is not just a summary.  It might also present complications andillustrate the need for further research on the topic5- ReferencesIt isvery important that your research term papers contain your thoughts based onyour understanding and most importantly written in your own words!  Inother words; term papers MUST be your work.Final Presentations:  a Power Point presentation based on yourwork (primarily your paper) and no more than ten minutesLet me know if you needfurther clarification on what you need to do.

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