Suicide during late adulthood writing assignment

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Module 10, Chapter 17

Please submit your answers online. Bring the hardcopy with you in class.

1.1. Suicide during late Adulthood:

  • How common is suicide in late adulthood? Please explain based on research and evidence.
  • Write a reflection paper of at least one page on suicide presentation in class-

2. Commentators have observed that Americans have remarkably little direct experience with death compared with people of other nations. You also may have concluded this from information in your text (for example, most Americans die in hospitals).

  • However, is this true? This project will give you information about the nature and extent of your own and your peers’ knowledge of, and experience with, death.
  • Please find three to five people to respond in writing or in an interview (if the latter, be sure you are prepared to record their answers).
  • Summarize your findings by constructing an appropriate table(s) showing how people responded to the questions you asked. Then, write a brief report in which you at least indicate the purpose of your project, describe the people who participated, summarize your results, and draw appropriate conclusions about your peers’ experience of death as well as your own. Try also to indicate whether what you learned illustrates points made in your textbook.


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