Step 1.&nbspRevision.&nbsp(Points to Consider/Think About)Audience

Step 1. Revision. (Points to Consider/Think About)Audience Consideration: How do you want to engage viewers and lead them through the content of your poster?Source Search: What is missing (points and sources)? What do you need? How have you used sources and what other sources do you need?Reflect: How does it feel to edit the material? Consider the ability to manipulate the material to say what you want and what this means.Focus: Social critique, what issues does your poster address? What did you discuss that addressed those issues? What could be done differently by any service provider (Indiana Memorial Union, Bloomington Parks & Recreation, etc.) that is connected the content of your poster? (Think: Improved access? Raise Awareness? Better policies?)Useful IU Poster Design Guide: http (Links to an external site.):// (Links to an external site.)design.asp (Links to an external site.)Step 2. Presentation (only on Canvas under Discussions).Upload a .jpg/.ppt file on Canvas, on Friday April 29 by 11:59pm.Step 3. Virtual Poster Symposium

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