So i have a dropbox assignment(I go to online highschool) an

So i have a dropbox assignment(I go to online highschool) and i have been trying forever to find what i need to find… which is the state avg gas prices of georgia may 2015 – january 2016 (Each month individual, also i shall put the excel chart file into the files area). I can’t seem to find at all what i need to, and i need it to continue my assignment(Which i can do myself, its just creating a line chart of the state and national avg and a legend and a couple other things, but to do all that… i need the state avg. Yes i have tried narrowing down searches and using several search engines but none seem to produce what i need :I) its suppose to be a short easy assignment except for the research but i can’t even find the info i need so if you help that would be great! Also if you could list the source you get the information (Btw i don’t expect you to list every month georgia state avg i just need a link that provide its but if you then thats cool but could you still provide the link? i got to cite where the state avgs come from) from that would be great or simply give me the link myself to check it out.

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