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So………. Hows Business?????&nbspBased on the 1st&nbspActivity

    So………. How’s Business????? Based on the 1st Activity discussed in your Week1 Weekly Assignments, what have you found?  Spend some time gathering your information before you jump into the discussion here….  and let’s start out with some informed shared ideas!*****Just post your comments/ideas under my question for a class ‘conversation’ rather than a series of independent posts.  Of course, if you’d like to comment to a classmate’s ideas, just post under his/her post and we’ll get a discussion going!*******************Next week we’ll vote on what we collectively think about the economy, from a retailing perspective…*********By the way, if you ever see ‘Anonymous’ in the d.b…………. don’t worry!  It’s me, hiding behind the shades !!!here is the 1st discussed:I guess the gross profit per gallon of gas is 2-3 cents in the US. The biggest part of profit that retailers make is from goods sold, like water, fast food and snack. As I know, the profit per ton of gas is around 130 dollars in China, 1t gas=1378L gas, per gallon gas profit will be 35 cents; however, retailers get only like 10% from its total. By the way, gasoline retailers are much less than USA because gas station cannot get much profit from goods sold in China.

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