Slow Network Analysis Paper Consider the following scenarior

Slow Network Analysis Paper Consider the following scenarioregarding the Kelsey School District:The studentpopulation trend is stable, however the number of students using networkingservices has increased by 20 percent annually. In addition, students andteachers are using their own wireless mobile devices to access the networkincluding smart phones, wireless tablets, and laptops. Most of the supportingdevices such as printers and scanners are wireless too. The schooldistrict recently introduced a virtual collaborative environment so studentscan chat, file share, and conduct virtual meetings via VoIP and video.  Tobetter safeguard the network, the district has had to segment the schools andcentral administration from each other through proxy servers, andemploy an intrusion dedication system and a moresophisticated spam protection software.In 2 to 3 pages, explain how one or more of thefollowing items could affect the performance of a local area network (LAN):· Increase in number of users· Increase in the network nodes· Use of peer-to-peer network· Streaming video· Introduction of wireless edgedevices to network· Voice over IP· Increase in number ofapplicationsAddress these questions in your written response:· What are expected differencesin data transfer rates for those users on a wired LAN and those usingwireless laptops? · What issues should youconsider in allocating and load balancing network resources?· How is transmission control protocol (TCP)congestion control affected with an increase in the number of users? How wouldyou mitigate any potential congestion problems?· What quality of service (QoS) metricswould you collect to analyze and manage network performance? Why?

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