Self-reflection essay

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Format: Self-reflection essay must be 1.5 line spaced, 2.5 cm Margins, 12 Point font (Times New Roman or Ariel)

Length: 1,500 words +/- 10%. The word count excludes the list of references/ bibliography.

Description: assignment requires you to reflect on what you have done in relation to being learning agile using the framework proposed by Mitchinson and Morris (2014). This is an opportunity to think about you as a learner in this course and how these insights will assist your continuing success in your commerce degree and in your career.

In this essay, discuss each of the five learning agility factors and what you know about yourself as a learner. Use a specific example from the skills development workshop (SDW) to support your insight. Finally, reflect on how these insights will support your professional development in the future.

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