Self-Reflection about The social report: Climate Change In Canada (500-600 words)

I’m stuck on a Writing question and need an explanation.

I need the 600 words essay based on the chart below. you don’t need to use all the boxes in the chart. however, you need to write down the material that you use from the Chart. thank you

Here is the step by step instruction from my professor:

Here is a simplified explanation of what you need to do for your Social Action Self-Reflection assignment. In this assignment, you will be considering the topic of your group research report from another perspective—the self-reflection approach to social problems.

  1. You will be focusing on the same topic as your social analysis report when you write this individual reflection.
  2. Look at the Social Action Self-Reflection Model chart (in Week 4)
  3. Pick either one box from the chart or one idea from the chart to write about—you don’t have to consider all the content on the chart in 400 to 600 words!
  4. Consider the topic of your report from the perspective of those ideas from the Social Action Self-Reflection chart that you have chosen.
  5. When you start to write:
    1. Make sure you clearly write out the material you have chosen to focus on from the chart so I know what you are talking about.
    2. Make sure you clearly identify the topic of your social analysis report.
  6. Connect the theme from the Self-Reflective chart with your report topic and write about it.


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