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Self-Assessment Exercise Chapter 7 Measuring your Creative

    Self-Assessment Exercise Chapter 7: Measuring your Creative PersonalityLog on to the Connect site, click on the “Other Student Resources” button on the home page. Look for the drop-down menu called “Choose a Chapter”,choose chapter 7 from the drop down menu. You will see many resources including a study/lecture outline.. Scroll through the dropdown menu for chapter 7 and very near the end you will find discussion questions and the self-assessment quiz “Measuring your Creative Personality.”.1.) Complete the self-assessment exercise.2.) Have your quiz scored electronically by clicking “submit” on the quiz itself. Review the computerized analysis of your scores. I do not want to see the computerized analysis of your scores. I have had students simply cut and paste the computerized analysis of their scores as their assignment.3.) You are now ready to do your assignment4.) Respond to the following three questions and submit a Report. A rubric has been provided to assist you to complete your assignment.Guiding Questions.What are your main observations related to the results of your self-assessment exercise? Are the results a total surprise to you—or not a surprise at all? Do you agree with the results? To what extent can you relate the results to what you already know about yourself? Feel free to share a summary of your results, if by doing so it adds to the points you are making. You can express your results as ranges e.g. I scored higher/lower than I expected, instead of giving me the actual scores. Describe and apply two concepts that you have learned in this chapter to explain the results of your self-assessment exercise. This is where you can demonstrate to me that you can apply the concepts we are learning to your specific situation.Describe and apply two concepts that you have learned in this chapter to develop a plan of action to increase the effectiveness of the trait measured in the self-assessment exercise. The Report associated with this assignment should be between 250-300 words and should be in an essay format.  The result of the quiz are as follows: Understanding Your Scores on the Creative Personality ScaleThis instrument estimates your creative potential as a personal characteristic. The scale recognizes that creative people are intelligent, persistent, and possess an inventive thinking style. Creative disposition varies somewhat from one occupational group to the next. The graph showing your score compares your result against norms for undergraduate and graduate university students in the United States. Scores range from –12 to +18. People with higher scores have a higher creative personality.  Low-12 to 0Average0 to 9High10 to 18  -12+18Your score was 5. The range of possible scores is from -12 to 18.Some chosen adjectives were worth +1, others -1. Unchosen adjectives had zero value. Your total of 5 falls within a possible range of -12 to +18. Levels of creative personality are described as Low (-12 to 0), Average (1 to 9) or High (10 to 18).

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