Select one of the topics from the list below. &nbsp1. Research

Select one of the topics from the list below.  1. Research anddiscuss the use of the management tool in a specific healthorganization.  2. Discuss the purpose of the management tool, structureor process as it relates to federal or state law. 3. Provide associateddetail about how it operates and the role of management. Include thelink to the article after providing a full paragraph description.  Provide citation of authority to support your initial response to conference questions. Financial & Audit Committee OversightPharmacy & Therapeutics (Formulary and Processes of Care)Customer Experience Offices- Continuous FeedbackBlood Safety Committee (Protocol Development)Tissue & Organ Committee (Protocol Development)Utilization Review CommitteeMedical Records CommitteeCredentialing Committees/Offices with ProtocolsInstitutional Review BoardEmployee ContractsPatient Consent DocumentsElectronic Medical Records for Quality ControlProtocols for Patient Hand-offs across Shift personnel and between organizationsPersonnel Training in critical areasPatient engagement on care committeesEmployee Health & Safety Committee CampaignsDashboards and indicators of clinical measuresCritical Event Analysis-Response TeamAfter Action Reviews for Program ImprovementBig Data Analytics for QCExit InterviewsUsing Accreditation Site visits to improve Operations

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