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Conduct library or internet searches on the negative effects of discrimination on the health and well-being of African Americans.  What does this research say about this relationship?  What can individual Blacks do to minimize these health effects?   Make columns for starting salaries of $30,000 and $33,000, respectively for Black and White new employees.  Assume the black employee earns a 4% increase per year and the White employee earns a 6% increase per year.  What are the salary differences after 10 years? 20 years?  Make another column with the assumption that the White applicant receives promotions every 3 years, and the Black applicant is promoted every 5 years.  For promotions assume an increase of an additional 10%.  What are the salary differences after 10 and 20 years given the difference in initial salaries, in increases, and in promotion rates? Conduct research to find Hispanics in positions of power in corporations, politics, or universities.  Describe their positions, educational background, experience, and other relevant factors that affect their successes.  Investigate 3 current instances of racial profiling and police misconduct against people of color.  How easy or difficult was it to find this information?   How institutionalized were these practices (i.e., how much were they due to a few “bad eggs” in authority versus an institutionalized policy of discrimination?) Construct a table of 5 jobs that are sex segregated, excluding those listed in Table 9.6 in your textbook, but that have comparable or similar jobs for both sexes.  In addition to wages, compile differences in education, training, and/or experience required for those jobs.   What factors do you think are responsible for the continued sex segregation of these jobs? What might be done to change the sex segregation of these jobs? Interview a person who is employed in a sex-atypical occupation (for example, a male nurse or a female professor of engineering).  What factors affected his or her career decisions?  What background experiences and/or educational requirements were needed for him or her to qualify for this particular job?  What were the reactions of family, friends, and coworkers?     What diversity-related experiences have stood out for him or her at work?

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