SC4730 Module 2Factors ImpactingEnvironmental IssuesLab 2.

SC4730: Module 2Factors ImpactingEnvironmental IssuesLab 2.1Controversies onEnvironmental Issues1 Refer to the Lab2.1 handout to gain an understanding of various research resources that you canuse for this assessment. In light of the information provided in the handout,perform the following tasks:Select one of thecontroversies related to environmental issues in the media and find two newspaperarticles (one must be a local/regional newspaper and the other a national newspaper—The Wall StreetJournal, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, USA Today,andso on) and two news magazine articles (e.g., Newsweek, Time, and US News &World Report).Based on thearticles you found, evaluate the positive and negative contributions of themedia coverage. Focus on the media’s ability to impart the informationnecessary for the public to make properly informed decisions on environmentalissues.How does each ofthe examples you picked heighten or diffuse the controversy? SubmissionRequirements:Submit yourresponse in a MS Word document of the following specifications:Font: Arial; Point12Spacing: DoubleInclude an APAtitle page. Refer to the sampleAPA title pageCite all sourcesused in APA format, including at least one in-text citation fromeach source and a Reference page.Page length: 1–2 pages, excludingthe APA title page and Reference page.EvaluationCriteria:This assessment willbe evaluated using the Lab rubric in addition to the following parameters:Did you select acontroversy and two newspaper articles as per the given requirements?Did you evaluatethe positive and negative contributions of the media coverage?

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