For this Assignment, submit a 4 page paper. Complete the following: Read your selected empirical research article, and identify whether the study is a quantitative or qualitative study.  Justify the reasons why you believe it is a quantitative or qualitative study.  (Your instructor will indicate to you if you are correct in identifying the research design. This will point you to whether you will use the “Quantitative Article and Review Critique” or the “Qualitative Article and Review Critique” guidelines for the final assignment in week 10.) Using the empirical research article, focus on the sampling method in the study and begin to evaluate the sampling method by answering the following: Describe the sampling methods in your own words (paraphrase, do not quote from the article). Describe the generalizability or the transferability of the research finding based on the sampling method. Discuss the limitations the article identified with the sample and how those limitations affect the reliability or credibility. Explain one recommendation you would make to improve the sampling plan of the study that would address these limitations in future research.

The article is attached below and is a Quantitative study .

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