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Rosie September


    Final Project

    For this project, you’ll write a 2–3 page paper that explains safe indoor and outdoor learning environments for one of the following age groups:

    I 6 to 12 months I 1to3years
    I 3to5years

    Include the following components:

    Introductory paragraph. Share an opening paragraph that shows the importance of providing a healthy and safe indoor and outdoor learning environment.

    Paragraph 2. Discuss an ideal location, space, and security of a center, school, or other facility, and explain appropriate facility maintenance and upkeep.

    Paragraph 3. Identify and describe two age-appropriate indoor learning activities that reinforce the importance of health, nutrition, and safety.

    Paragraph4. Identifyanddescribetwootherage-appropriate outdoor learning activities that reinforce the important of health, nutrition, and safety.

    Paragraph 5. Identify a disability or allergy that may have an impact on a child successfully completing at least one of the activities you identified. Share an adaptation that you could include to allow him or her to participate.

    Conclusion paragraph. Summarize the main points of the paper, and discuss the information mentioned in the body paragraphs.

    To avoid plagiarism, be sure to include citations if you use information from any source. It’s always necessary to give another author credit! Be sure to include a cover page that includes the title of the paper, and a reference page.  Content The student
    I Provides clear answers to the assigned questions

    I Addresses the questions in complete sentences
    I Supports his or her opinion by using APA citations I Stays focused on the assigned questions
    I Writes a minimum two pages

    Written Communication

    I Answers each question in a complete paragraph of at least five sentences

    I Uses correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure

    I Provides clear organization (for example, uses words like first, however, on the other hand, and so on, consequently, since, next, and when )

    I Makes sure the paper contains no typographical errors Format

    The paper is double-spaced and typed in font size 12. It includes the student’s

    I Student ID number

    I Course number and title (ECE 130: Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child)

    I Graded project number (605849) Graded Project

    The student

    I Name 

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