Reviewthe Human Resource Management practice of “Maintain

Reviewthe Human Resource Management practice of “Maintain Diversity in the Workplace.”Write a paper of at least 8 pages in length (excluding cover and citations)with at least five different references. At least one of the references must befrom an empirical study. Please make sure the paper is free of grammar andspelling errors.Use my paper topic Paper Topic-1.docx as a guide for the paper.Also here is my annotated bibliography and outline Annotated Bibliography.docx that ‘MUST’ be used to write the paper.DO NOT BID IF YOU PLAN ON PLAGIARIZING THE PAPER!  THIS IS IMPORTANT, AND IF THERE IS ANY PLAGIARISM IT WILL CAUSE ME TO FAIL THE COURSEDO NOT RUN THE PAPER THRU TURNITIN…BECAUSE MY INSTRUCTOR IS GOING TO RUN IT THRU TURNITIN AND IF YOU DO IT ‘WILL’ SHOW PLAGIARISM!I will not release the payment until my instructor tells me its free of plagiarism.Thank You!!!

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