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Resources: QuickBooks® Online Assignment Supplementary Material, Ch. 4 -Accrual Accounting Concepts Presentation, and ‘Journal Entries’ videoAccess QuickBooks® OnlineUsing the QuickBooks® Online Assignment Supplementary Material, Ch. 4 -Accrual Accounting Concepts Presentation and the ‘Journal Entries’ video, create the following 7 adjusting entries for Sierra Corporation. All entries should be dated 10/31/2013.Part 13 adjusting journal entries effecting prepaid expensesReflect supply utilization by debiting supply expense for $1,500 and crediting supplies inventory for $1,500Reflect insurance utilization by debiting insurance expense for $50 and crediting prepaid insurance for $50.Reflect utilization of equipment by debiting depreciation expense for $40 and crediting accumulated depreciation $40.1 adjusting entry effecting unearned revenuesReflect revenue earned in October by debiting unearned revenue for $400 and crediting service revenue for $400.1 adjusting entry effecting accrued revenuesReflect revenue not previously recorded by debiting accounts receivable for $200 and crediting service revenue for $200.2 adjusting entries effecting accrued expensesReflect interest expense not previously recorded by debiting interest expense for $50 and crediting interest payable for $50.Reflect salaries expense earned but not paid out yet by debiting salaries expense for $1,200 and crediting salaries payable for $1,200.Part 2Using the input from Part 1, create a new Trial Balance:Select ‘Reports’ from the menu along the left-hand side.In the Go to report search-box, type Trial Balance.Select Trial Balance from the suggestions drop-down.Input directly or select the dates to run the report.  These dates should correspond to the Sierra Corporation data you input.Select the Excel tab at the top left of your screen to export this information into a Microsoft® Excel® document.I have the resources and materials needed need this in 28 hours can anyone help?

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